Sunday, 20 May 2012

Quick Update AND Your Blog Is GREAT Award!

Hey Girls! I hope you are all wonderful and getting ready for the start of another week! Well I have been absent from blogging for a little as I just got out of hospital had a small surgery and hopefully will make a full recovery soon. So the minute I got a chance to get back onto the blogging community I was sooo happy to have been nominated by not ONE but THREE great bloggers that I really admire! The 'Your Blog is Great' Award!

I was nominated by:

Beauty Makeup Addict has an amazing blog and I love her eye looks, they are soo creative! You have to check them out.
Nicole Webster has amazing looks and reviews and I really enjoy her blog.
Style Comes from Within is a newie to blogging just like me and she has a really great blog going!
So THANK YOU to the three of you for this great Honor, it has come at a great time and only further encouraged me to continue working harder on this blog to stand out!

There are MANY other great blogs out there but I would like to award the following blogs on being GREAT: she has great taste and her outfits are amazing! A great blog I enjoy reading her reviews and hauls! An amazing beauty blogger on a range of products! she has a blooming blog with great reviews! a Canadian beauty blogger!

Enjoy the award girls you deserve it!

Stay tuned for a couple of reviews on products I have been using!

Until next time take care!



  1. congrats...

  2. Congrats hun. Thank you so much for the award. :)xx

  3. congrats on the awards and i hope you have a speedy recovery! welcome back. xx

    1. Thanks X3 :) and your blog is more than great!

  4. following u nOw :) Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Hi dear! Congratulations ;o)... See you soon and have a nice day. Xoxo V.V.