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Review: Make Up For Ever HD Microperfecting Primer in 02 Mauve

Hey Girls!

Well May has come and gone and now we are half way through the year! I don't know about you guys but I feel like the days are flying-could be that I have been super busy as I am in the process of relocating and taking a vacation and on top of all that organising I am working and being a mum! :) No complaints here though! So anyway today's post is a review on the Make up For Ever HD Microperfecting Primer, which I spoke a little about in my Foundation Routine post- so if you haven't read that check it out! So anyway I got a few questions regarding the primer and I thought I would do an in depth review for you guys!

Make Up For Ever describes the HD Face Range as "innovative formulas to create a new generation of make up which is both invisible on HD cameras and to the naked eye''. 
The HD Microperfecting Primer is supposed to work just as a skin care product, "the HD Primer nourishes, moisturises and softens the skin, creating a glowing effect. It creates a protective layer on the skin allowing the foundation to glide on easily and to last longer. Unlike standard skin care creams, the HD Primer dries quickly, allowing make up to be applied immediately. The HD Primer comes in 6 color-correcting shades and one transparent shade to correct skin imperfections. The colored pigments are absorbed by the skin for an invisible correction".

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The HD Primers come in the following shades each for a specific purpose:
0- Neutral: Add natural luminosity to the skin
1- Green: Minimizes redness
2- Mauve: Counteracts swallow undertones
4- Caramel: Combats ashy looking skin in medium to dark complexions
5- Blue: Adds radiance to fair skin and reducing appearance of minor imperfections
6- Apricot: Lightens darker complexions
7- Pink: Brightens the complexion and counteracts with swallow undertones

Is it just me or have you too noticed that MUFE always skips a number in their ranges?!?! 

So anyway, after gathering all the information I needed I headed over to Paris Gallery and walked straight up to the MUFE counter ready to get the primer I had decided would suit to my needs (1-Green) and after I asked the consultant for the green primer she began telling me that this was not the shade for me, and she managed to change my mind and talked me into getting 2-Mauve. Now looking back I think I didnt have that great looking skin- although it wasn't a tragic mistake!


Packaging is very sleek, frosted plastic bottle with a pump. I love this about the primer as I feel it is much easier to shake the bottle as well as take out as much product as you need.


The primer isn't creamy or watery in consistency and it is lightweight.  The primer has this amazing smell, some people don't like fragrance in their cosmetics but I don't mind it-so long as it is not overpowering! I really enjoy the smell its a soft floral scent, I just cant figure out what it is exactly.


I use this Primer after I have moisturized and I apply this using my CLEAN fingers. You can use a brush to blend it into the skin although I believe the formula is so smooth and soft that it glides onto the skin beautifully and it dries amazingly fast.

$34 for 1.01oz ( In the UAE I bought it for around 160 AED)


I am going to be totally honest when I say that I have a love/hate relationship with this primer. It is great in terms of packaging and application, although the formula seems to decide that on some days its will make my skin super soft and glowing and on other days it make me look a little ghostly. On good days I can apply this just over my moisturizer and my skin looks great. This primer also is good in helping my foundation go on smoothly and hold it in place. I have been wondering why I have the different results with this product and I believe it could be that it is not the right shade primer for me and it probably makes my skin look great on the days when my complexion is not great. Still trying to figure that out, although overall it is a really good primer, just make sure you get the shade that gives you the results you want and need.

Have you tried MUFE HD primer? Which shade do you have? Does it work for you? Whats your favourite primer?

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  1. thank you for this excellent review! I have never considered using a tinted primer- I only use clear ones usually! I will talk with a sales associate and see what they might recommend for me in this line.

  2. I have the neutral one and it works amazing! It really helps the foundation stay and hide any dry patches I might have.

    1. great thats it working for you! :)

  3. i totally agree -- i have a very love/hate relationship with MUFE primers! or MUFE in general, for that matter. for whatever reason, they really don't impress me.
    the HD foundation that everyone raves about i wasn't too impressed with either :/ or then again, the color i was matched with was WAY too dark. i'm still pretty bitter about it, ha ha!


    1. lol i was like that for a while but slowly getting over it!

  4. did you choose the green to counteract redness that you have? sometimes you need to mix two primers together to get a perfect primer match for your skin. some people have both redness (chin and nose perhaps) and sallow/yellow undertones on their cheeks and forehead.

    1. yes that is the reason and I never thought of combining the two although i will give it a go by mixing my Clinique redness solutions face primer with MUFE and see the end result! Thanks for the tip! :)

    2. sure! let me know how you make out!!

      when i say "mix" i don't mean blend the two together. use the green primer over your red areas, the other primer over your other areas of concern, etc.

    3. lol thanks for that I knew what you meant! Will let you know how it goes :)

  5. I got samples of the clear one and I'm trying it out right now! So far I can't really decide if I like it or not :(
    Girl Meets Beauty

    1. well it could be that you already have a natural glow!

  6. Thanks for the review! I'm also hearing mixed reviews on this. Thanks for your input. I still wanna try it & see is I too will have a love/hate relationship :)


  7. I've been interested in trying this out for a while now, although you had mixed feelings about it, I'm glad to see it did actually work for you at least half the time lol. Might try out the green one myself :)


    1. lol it has its moments :) Let me know how you go with it!

  8. These sounds great - I want to try them too!! Xx

    1. If you do get to try them out, i'd love to hear your thoughts on them!

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