Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Loreal Triple Active Day Cream (Dry and Sensitive Skin)

Hey Guys!

Last year I did a bit of travelling and on top of that having a baby, my skin was suffering. Now when I say suffering I mean red and scaly dry skin patches on the forehead and sides of my nose. Not pretty at all. I was using Cliniques Dramatically Different Moisturiser, although I did not see it helping at all! So off I went to find something that could help me out without breaking the wallet. That is when I came across this little number.
Loreals Triple Active Day Cream for Dry and Sensitive skin. One read of the products label and I was ticking all the boxes.

Now that I have used it up I can tell you what my thoughts on this cream really are!
The good:
- The cream is lightweight and absorbs right into the skin without feeling greasy.
- I didn't break out from using this product.
- It soothed the dry patches taking away the redness.
- Did not make me look shiny in a a disco ball kinda way.
- Does not have any scent.
The bad:

Ok so my skin gradually improved in terms of the dry patches disappearing, although I just don't think my skin looks AMAZING. I don't know what it is although my skin feels like it needs a boost and this cream didn't give it that. So I am not going to repurchase this so I am on the look out for another moisturiser that will not only take care of my skin woes but also give it a lift that will make my skin look amazing!!

Any suggestions?


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