Thursday, 1 May 2014

Liquid Eyeliner.

Hey Girls,

Today I am going to show you the liquid eyeliners that I have in my make-up collection. I haven't always been the best at liquid eyeliner-either I have super shaky hands or I haven't matched up the flick on both eyes so a lot of time/effort has gone into my liner. Through the years I have used numerous products and have found that I personally find a shorter felt tip works easier for me! I have been using the Loreal Superliner for a while now and its my favourite, but I had read a lot of good things about the Essence liquid liners so I though I'll give them a try.
The thing with Essence here the liners have no testers and you cant see how the applicator is so these tips are actually more like markers as you will see in the pics below. I dont mind it but the superfine eyeliner was awkward to work with. Pigmentation is really good and the lasting power on both of these Essence liners are amazing! The Essence 'stays no matter what' liner did just that it stayed- I actually had a black shadow of the liner after I had removed it.
I also picked up the Innoxa liner recently as I thought a colour liner will be great for a pop of colour and its a really nice purple shade with a nice applicator tip.

with FLASH

Whats your favourite liquid eyeliner?



  1. Same here, my hands shake terribly when I’m applying eyeliner XD
    ~Pauline @Kallony

    1. Im glad to hear I am not alone! :)